the archway
The Archway spanning 310 feet across Interstate 80
presents 170 years of American history in and about an hour
featuring film,fiber optics, computer graphics, life size dioramas,
re-enactors, classic cars and more.  See first hand the challenges
pioneers faced on the Mormon, Oregon and California trails as they
looked for a better life, the breathtaking experience of a Pony
Express rider as they sprint across the prairie, and the revolution of
instant communication with the first transcontinental telegraph
line.  Learn about the development of the Transcontinental Railroad,
the Lincoln Highway, the first interstate and the first transcontinental 
fiber optic superhighway.  For more information, please visit
The Archway website at

buffalo county historical society
Trails & Rails Museum is owned and operated by the Buffalo County Historical Society. 
They are a progressive museum located on the route of the Mormon Trail. Visitors
are encouraged to tour through seven historical Buffalo County buildings and a Union
Pacific train, do research in the extensive archival building with the assistance of some
wonderful volunteers and visit the Museum gift shop. The gift shop includes over fifty
titles of books relating to Buffalo County, railroads, historic trails, and pioneers. Also
find our colorful t-shirts, postcards, bells, whistles, wooden kits, lap quilts, keychains,
music CDs, playing cards and lots of fun, unique items for all ages! For more information,
​including hours of operation, please visit

We encourage you to visit the following attractions while you're in town...

museum of nebraska art (mona)
Explore the art of Nebraska! MONA has been home of the state’s official art collection since 1979. You’ll see Nebraska in a 
whole new way in eleven galleries. Visitors may also relax and stroll outside through the Cliff Hillegass Sculpture Garden,
browse through the Anne Thorne Weaver Museum Shop ​for one-of-a-kind gifts, and visit our Hitchcock Education Gallery.

MONA is located in Downtown Kearney at 2401 Central Avenue.  For more information about MONA, please visit their 

website at

This collection of over 130 cars represents one man’s 41-year love affair with the 
automobile. It also represents America’s love affair and fascination with automobiles
and the evolution of our society around the world of wheels. You'll see a variety of body types
and styles. You'll enjoy the incredible detail crafted into many of these vehicles - artistic
hood ornaments, instrument gauge panels, wheel styles and headlights. Coordinated
together to tell their own stories and help us track the evolution of the
​model and of the age of automobiles. For more information, please visit the Classic Car

Collection's website,